Telehealth Pelvic Floor Consults

If you live too far away to get here, or if your distance makes follow up sessions difficult, then telehealth may be something for you. This service is available to anyone living in Australia for most of our services.

Telehealth can be booked for an initial or subsequent session. Your physio will go through a thorough history with you, discuss potential causes of your symptoms and then formulate a plan with you and start you on treatment.

Your pelvic floor will not be visually assessed during these sessions, however your physio may assess your back and hip movement. It is therefore recommended that you wear comfortable clothes for this session. Your physio will then give you relevant exercises, will talk you through ways to check if you are doing them correctly and will send you through helpful treatment resourses via email.

Telehealth sessions are usually done through an encrypted video link, through our practice management software, which is sent the day prior to your appointment. If you prefer sessions can also be done via phone, although your physio may be a little more limited in some assessment and treatment options.

In some cases your physio may recommend seeing a physio in person for assessment. If you are too far away for our clinic, our physio will write a letter for you to take to a closer pelvic floor physio.