Exercise Classes

We offer 4 different semi-private class types. Classes are capped to 3 women for personized exercises. These classes are a great way to progress back to your usual exercise class.

Pelvic Floor and Core Class

An exercise class focused on strengthening your pelvic floor and core. The benefits of pelvic floor strengthening for symptoms like incontinence and prolapse are well known. This class includes pelvic floor and core strengthening at a level suitable for you, to help boost your pelvic floor and core strength.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Class

This class is designed for both expectant mothers and also mothers who have given birth in the last 12 months. Exercises are tailored specific to your concerns.

Maintaining and improving your strength during pregnancy can be very beneficial, by reducing pregnancy related pain, improving energy levels and preparing your body for the physical demands of labour and the physical demands of baby care tasks in the postpartum period.

In the postpartum, a tailored exercise program can help you to progress back to your usual physical activity and can assist in reducing any aches and pains. If you are postpartum you are welcome to bring your baby along for the exercises, or you can enjoy some much needed me time.

Pilates Class

An exercise class focused on strengthening and conditioning your body. Improving your strength can not only improve your physical health, but your pelvic floor health too! Like our other classes, you will receive a program, specifically created for your concerns and you will be progressed as you improve. This can be great for progression back to your usual exercise class, or usual activity levels.

Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Class

This class includes therapeutic strengthening, stretching and relaxation to help improve your strength and reduce pain. This may be helpful for any type of pelvic pain. Exercises will be commenced slowly and adjusted as needed for maximum effect.

Please note..

You will be required to attend a 1:1 assessment prior to your class to determine your suitability for the class. This is to ensure your symptoms are not related to a different underlying condition, to ensure you are ready for the class and to maximise your potential for results. Your physio may recommend further 1:1 sessions if you are not yet ready for the class.