Bowel Concerns


There are multiple causes of constipation. This may related to diet and fluid intake, pelvic floor muscle function, prolapse and other causes.

Your pelvic floor physio may be able to help you by assessing your symptoms and your pelvic floor to determine the contributing causes. Your physiotherapist will then design a treatment plan with you to help address your symptoms.

Fecal Incontinence (Bowel Leakage)

Bowel incontinence is common, however not normal. This may range from skid marks or smearing on your underwear to larger amounts.

There can be different causes of incontinence including, pelvic floor dysfunction, previous pelvic floor muscle injury (e.g. from childbirth), poor poo consistency and other causes.

Seeing a pelvic floor physio may help with your symptoms. This typically involves through assessment of your symptoms and assessment of your pelvic floor strength.