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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an appointment cost?2024-06-18T03:13:28+00:00

In clinic pelvic floor initial appointments range from $159 for 45 minutes to $183 for 1 hour and follow up appointments $99 for half an hour.

Telehealth pelvic floor appointments are $139 for initial appointments and $89 for follow up appointments.

Musculoskeletal appointments (including pregnancy related pain) are $139 for an initial appointment (45 minutes) and $94 for follow up appointments.

Initial private appointments for exercise classes range from $99 for 30 minutes to $134 for 45 minutes.

Please note that you may not need to pay the full amount if you have private health insurance extras cover, a Medicare referral from your GP or a seniors card (see the relevant section below). 

Please email us at for a copy of our complete price list and please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding pricing.

Do you accept private health insurance?2024-01-17T05:07:55+00:00

We do accept Private Health insurance. Please note that private health insurance does not usually cover the cost of the whole appointment so you will need to pay a gap.

Do you accept Medicare?2024-01-17T05:12:20+00:00

Yes we do accept Medicare, however please note that Medicare can only be used where you have been referred by your GP through a Care Plan. Your GP will only usually refer you where you have a chronic illness and meet the required criteria. This is a requirement of Medicare, and unfortunately we cannot process this without a current care plan.

Please note that care plans do not cover the whole cost of the appointment. You will need to pay for the appointment in full and the Medicare benefit will be paid into your account.

What should I expect from a pelvic floor appointment?2024-01-17T05:13:56+00:00

Our pelvic floor physio will take a detailed history of your concerns to develop an understanding of what may be the cause of your symptoms. If your physio believes it will be helpful, and with your consent, your physio may offer you a vaginal examination to assess and treat your pelvic floor. Your physio can still treat you without a vaginal examination, which can still be very helpful, however your assessment and treatment options will generally be more limited.

What should I expect from a Children’s pelvic floor appointment?2024-01-17T05:15:03+00:00

Your pelvic floor physio will speak with you and your child about your child’s bladder and bowel concerns, to develop a detailed history of their symptoms. This will usually also include information about their development, diet and any allergies or intolerances. Your physio may also check your child’s tummy and give you a bladder and/or bowel diary for you to help your child complete.

Your physio will then provide practical strategies to improve your child’s bladder and bowel function.

Do you offer concession rates?2024-01-17T05:15:52+00:00

We offer concession rates for student card and senior card holders. If this is you please put this in the comment section of your booking when booking online, or you can contact the clinic.

What if I cannot afford an appointment?2024-01-17T05:16:48+00:00

We believe that pelvic floor health should be available for everyone. If you genuinely cannot afford an appointment, please contact the clinic to discuss potential options prior to booking.

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